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The easiest step to start an online business is by joining an affiliate program. Why affiliate? Affiliate programs offer income on the internet without you having to have a website first. This means you can already run this affiliate program without having to spend so much capital.

The affiliate program itself is a collaboration between marketers and business owners. Where you can sell other people’s products with a commission offer from the result of the sale. You don’t have to have your own product to sell a product and make money on the internet.

This is certainly a convenience for anyone because we can generate commissions by selling other people’s products.

The affiliate program also offers benefits for both parties, namely the seller will get a commission from a number of products that are successfully sold through the link provided, while for business owners the product will be more easily recognized in the local and world markets without having to incur large costs for advertising.

How Affiliate Programs Work

The way the affiliate program works is basically that you only bring the buyer and seller together, of course online. Here you do not have to follow up for a successful transaction.

You will be given a membership link in the form of a referral containing a special code to indicate that the product is sold on your behalf. This link is also called an affiliate link . For that you must use the affiliate link to spread and introduce products so that you get a commission from the items that were sold.

You can spread the affiliate link either through social media, via email, post free ads or install affiliate links on our blog or website. And if someone clicks on the link and makes a purchase of a product and so on, you will automatically get a commission.

If you have gone deeper into this affiliate program in online business by yourself you will know that running an affiliate program is the right choice to make money on the internet. This refers to the income from commissions that are quite promising both local and foreign affiliates.

You only need to work hard in the beginning, if you have installed affiliate links on websites, blogs, or on advertising services both free and paid. You only have to wait for the results, which is waiting for internet users to click and transact through the affiliate link that you install, and you can commission continuously.

There are several types of income that you can get from affiliate programs including:

# 1. PPS (Pay Per Sale)

Pay Per Sale, you will get a commission when the transaction has been done.

# 2. PPL (Pay Per Lead)

Pay Per Lead, that is, you will get a commission if there are referenced users who register themselves as members (usually Free Members) and you will get income based on PPS by the person you refer.

# 3. PPC (Pay Per Click)

You will earn money from Pay Per Click if an internet user clicks on an affiliate link in the form of an ad you have posted, such as the Google Adsense Program on your site, and you will get a commission when someone else clicks on the ad. Especially for Google Adsense you must have a blog or website that you regularly post every day.

Meanwhile, to market or spread affiliate links, you can do this by utilizing some media on the internet, including by installing affiliate links via email, blogs or websites.

There are several ways that can be used to run this affiliate program, including Cloaking URL .

Cloaking is a way to protect your member code so that your potential prospects will not release your affiliate member code, one of them is by shortening the URL. You can use these service providers such as, , or

Use Google Adword services. Google Adwords is a paid advertising service from Google that works to promote your website or your ads, with this very sophisticated facility you will get extraordinary benefits. You can use this feature if you are proficient because for this one we have to pay.

Use Email Autoresponder. An autoresponder is useful for storing your email database. This service is available in two options, free and paid, but it is recommended to use a paid autoresponder.


To run an affiliate program you must spread the affiliate link to all internet users. You can do this in a number of ways as mentioned above, e-mail, blog or website and of course by using social media. You can create an interesting free blog or site as a medium to promote your affiliate programs, such as , and others.

And furthermore it is also highly recommended to study marketing on the internet or better known as internet marketing .

That’s a little review of affiliate programs, hopefully this article can bring benefits, especially for you beginners and want to try to jump into this online business.

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